Get to Know About Our Doctors

Dr. Peter Walsh is a board-certified Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgeon recognized as one of the best in the country. He is also a leading authority in surgical oncology. Dr. Walsh is one of the pioneers of limb spare procedure in dogs with bone tumors. He leads both the surgical and small animal oncology surgical services at MarQueen Veterinary Specialists which serves all of California, Nevada, and beyond.

A board-certified surgeon for over 25 years and an expert consultant to veterinary surgeons around the country, Dr. Peter Walsh should be considered a consultant when it comes to extremely difficult cases as he may have vital contributions. As an example, during the summer of 2017, a Fresno Sheriff’s SWAT officer and his Dutch Shepherd, Mikey, responded to a call. Mikey was shot in the leg and transported to a local emergency veterinary hospital immediately after.

The initial assessment of Mikey’s leg was that the leg could not be saved and amputation was the best remedy. After an assessment by Dr. Walsh, Mikey underwent surgery where Dr. Walsh reconstructed and saved his limb. Mikey returned to work with his SWAT team and partner in November 2017 and has continued to perform his duties to this day. This is just one of the many examples where Dr. Peter Walsh was contacted to consult on a case and ultimately solved a complicated situation where options were thin to none. We have clients come from as far as Colorado, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area to consult and have surgery performed by Dr. Walsh. If you feel your dog or cat may benefit from a consultation by Dr. Walsh, please contact MarQueen Veterinary Specialty Group at 916-757-6600 to make an appointment. MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty is open 24 hours a day, every day.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Dr. Walsh developed one of the best surgery teams during his time as faculty at the U.C. Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Loved by the many clients that had come through those doors, one client was so inspired by Dr. Walsh that she went a step further in her appreciation of him. In the novel, Sight Hound, written by Pam Houston, the fictional veterinarian character, Dr. Evans, is based on the real Dr. Peter Walsh. His drive, his compassion, his knowledge, and his talent as a surgeon all influenced the author to dedicate a character to Dr. Walsh in her story which is one that ultimately illuminates the intangible bond between loved ones. While the story may be fiction, when Dr. Evans crawls into a crate to spend the night with a patient, it is the truth. Simply one of the best out there as a doctor, a surgeon and a human.

Dr. Walsh is located in Sacramento and performs over 50 surgeries a month at MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty. Along with limb spare procedures, Dr. Walsh also focuses on repairs for luxations and subluxations, dislocations, and floating kneecaps – TPLO. Minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy and laparoscopy are also offered at MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty.

Dr. Nicole Ulhaq is one of the top emergency doctors at MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty and in California. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science at California Polytechnic University. The education, success, compassion, and desire to treat and care for dogs and cats she gained over this period led to her being accepted into UC Davis Veterinary School, known as one the best veterinary medicine teaching hospitals in the country, where she received her DVM degree.

Dr. Ulhaq covers all 24-hour veterinary overnight emergency shifts at MarQueen, which presents some of the toughest cases. Dr. Nicole Ulhaq displays a large magnitude of empathy and is said to be one of the best when it comes to doctor and client communication. She is thorough in her exams of her patients, her explanations, recommendations, and the records that are eventually sent to the client’s regular veterinarian for follow-up if needed. The uncertainty of walking into a veterinary emergency facility for the first time with unfamiliar doctors can be unsettling.

Dr. Ulhaq has this understanding and makes every effort to try and provide the best recommendation given all the factors involved – to provide the client with the most information to make the best decision for them and their dog or cat. Dr. Ulhaq spends numerous hours alongside MarQueen Veterinary Hospital’s internal medicine specialists to gain as much insight into internal medicine as possible. Her surgery skills allow her to provide immediate surgeries such as c-sections, pyometra, and straight-forward foreign body surgery. She has worked hard with our critical-care specialists to become proficient at fast scan emergency ultrasounds.

In addition to every emergency veterinarian having 24-hour access to MarQueen’s specialists in internal medicine, critical care, oncology, and surgery, every veterinarian and specialist at MarQueen Pet Emergency and Specialty is required to attend or speak at continuing education lectures through various veterinary conferences around the world. Most recently, Dr. Ulhaq attended the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium (IVECCS) in Washington D.C. While attending the conference, Dr. Ulhaq spent five extensive days participating in labs and lectures. The theme of this conference focused on the critical care of the kidneys. Among some of the best veterinarians throughout the country, Dr. Ulhaq was able to strengthen her practice of emergency medicine through these beneficial labs and lectures. All our veterinarians share important topics with their colleagues.

Some decisions can be difficult when an unexpected emergency happens as some cases do not have a definite right or wrong answer. Dr. Ulhaq is a good veterinarian who will do her best to explain to you all of her thoughts and recommendations and she will have your support with whatever decision you feel is the right one.

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