If you or your primary care veterinarian suspects your pet has cancer, it’s natural to feel scared. But it’s important to know that new therapies are changing the way we treat cancer in dogs and cats today—treatments that not only offer hope but also real help.

At MarQueen, we’re on the leading edge of these advances, and we have an entire team—led by a board-certified veterinary oncologist—that provides consultations, diagnostics, and personalized treatment and recommendations for all types of pet cancer.

The types of pet cancer we see

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There are more than 100 types of cancer that can affect dogs and cats. Some of the most common types of cancer we see are:

The oncology services we offer

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The oncology service at MarQueen provides comprehensive consultations to diagnose and stage your pet’s cancer and formulate a treatment plan that’s tailored to your pet’s unique situation.

Our diagnostic resources include:

Cancer treatment options fall into four categories and more than one type of treatment may be necessary to ensure the best outcome for your pet:

The goal of treatment is to extend your pet’s quality of life. Fortunately, pets tolerate treatment extremely well and do not experience chemotherapy in the same way we do. When appropriate, we also provide compassionate palliative care and pain management to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

A team approach to cancer care

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In addition to a board-certified veterinary oncologist, many other specialists and clinicians may be involved in your pet’s care, including surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and registered veterinary technicians with special training in administering chemotherapy. In addition, your primary care veterinarian remains an integral part of your pet’s care team and will be kept informed throughout the diagnostic and treatment process.

This underscores why collaboration is key in cancer care. And it’s something we do exceedingly well here at MarQueen.

If you have questions or would like to make a referral or schedule a consultation with MarQueen’s Oncology service, simply call us at 916-757-6600.

Please fill out our patient referral form in its entirety to ensure we can provide your clients and patients with the best possible care.

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