Heart care

With a board certified Cardiologist.

Early Detection is Key

Has your family veterinarian detected a heart murmur in your dog or cat? Ask them if a consultation with a cardiologist would be of benefit. Early detection and treatment may provide many additional years of health and good quality of life.

It can be emotionally difficult to learn of a heart condition in your dog or cat, but you have an incredible team behind you. Dr. Lori Siemens is a board certified veterinary cardiologist. This means she is one of a small fraction of veterinarians who has undergone years of special training in order to treat heart problems with the highest level of care possible.

Our Cardiology Service has a long and established reputation for excellence in providing compassionate and effective health care. We comprehensively evaluate your dog or cat, explain the best treatment options, and take the time to answer all of your questions. The cardiology service will diagnose and treat dogs or cats with congenital or acquired heart disease. They are trained to rapidly diagnose and effectively manage heart failure and many other diseases that develop during the course of a dog or cat’s life.

Our cardiologists partner closely with other specialists at MarQueen to provide the best possible medical advice and therapy. These experts include internal medicine specialists, radiologists, emergency and critical care doctors, surgeons, nurses, and assistants. This means you are often getting the benefit of multiple expert opinions. Together, our care providers focus on each dog or cat’s needs, identify the most helpful tests, and use the most advanced procedures.

Early detection is KEY. If your veterinarian suspects that your dog or cat may have heart disease, a heart murmur, or any other issues heart-related, it is important to obtain an exact diagnosis so that the proper treatment for the heart disease can be started. Upon physical exam by your family veterinarian or an internal medicine specialist if it is determined that your dog or cat has a heart murmur or other abnormal findings, then your veterinarian may recommend a consultation at MarQueen Emergency and Specialty Hospital. A veterinary cardiologist has had advanced training in diseases of the cardiovascular system and is the most qualified to provide the diagnosis, treatment, and answers to any questions that you may have.
Anatolian Shepherd dog in front of white background

Contact us if your dog or cat has any of the following symptoms…

  • Coughing

  • Breathing problems or shortness of breath

  • Heart murmur
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia)
  • Weakness, fainting, or collapse
  • Congenital heart disease (birth disorders)
  • Acquired heart disease
  • Elevated systemic blood pressure (arterial hypertension)
  • Elevated lung blood pressure (pulmonary hypertension)
  • Infectious diseases (such as heart worm disease or bacterial heart infections)