Small Animal Internal Medicine

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One of the best-trusted veterinary reference books in the country and around the world, the sixth edition of Small Animal Internal Medicine takes a problem that begins with an observation of clinical signs and then moves to diagnostic considerations. Two of the authors for this publication - Kristen Couto DVM DACVIM (oncology) and Ann Della [...]

Helpful tips for the Holidays

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The Holidays are upon us and they usually involve family visits, home decorations, traveling, and great food! Our four-legged family members want to be involved just as much as everyone else, but this is also a time to be aware of the changes in their lifestyle and be ready for the occasional veterinary hospital visit. [...]

Get to Know About Our Doctors

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Dr. Peter Walsh is a board-certified Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgeon recognized as one of the best in the country. He is also a leading authority in surgical oncology. Dr. Walsh is one of the pioneers of limb spare procedure in dogs with bone tumors. He leads both the surgical and small animal [...]

Mikey, the SWAT Shepherd, Makes Full Recovery from Bullet Wound

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It was in July of 2017, when Fresno Sheriff's SWAT officer, Deputy Kitchens and his Dutch Shepherd, Mikey, responded to call. During the pursuit of three suspects, Mikey was shot in the leg. Mikey was immediately taken to the closest veterinary emergency hospital in Fresno where an assessment was made that Mikey would need to [...]

When to Seek Animal Care from Our Emergency Veterinarian in Roseville

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Roseville Emergency Animal Hospital Open 24 Hours If your pet has accidentally ingested something toxic or been hit by a car, bring him to our Roseville pet emergency hospital immediately for treatment. Be aware that severely injured animals often behave aggressively towards anyone approaching them, even their human parents. When preparing to transport your pet, [...]

Our Emergency Animal Hospital in Roseville Explains The Signs and Symptoms of a Pet Allergic Reaction

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At MarQueen Pet Emergency & Specialty, offering help during a pet emergency in Roseville is all we do. We are an emergency-only vet clinic and are 100% committed to helping every pet in need with calm, caring, and professional veterinary medicine. Part of our Roseville pet emergency services in Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, and Rocklin, [...]